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Let's talk about scented corporate gifts?

Read the article in French : cadeaux-d-entreprise-parfumes

Most of us have received corporate gifts at one time or another: stamped pens, mugs with a company logo, USB keys or even notebooks. These objects, although functional, sometimes lack originality and often end up relegated to the bottom of a drawer. But what about receiving or giving scented corporate gifts? A concept that combines utility, elegance and emotion. Focus on this trend.

The importance of the senses in memorization

It is often said that smell is the sense most linked to memory. How many times has a simple scent taken you back to a childhood memory or a specific moment in your life? By opting for a scented corporate gift, we appeal to this sensitive chord, thus strengthening the emotional bond between the brand and the recipient.

Eco.french.Lab ideas for corporate scented gifts for Christmas
Eco.French.Lab scented candles

A few ideas for scented corporate gifts

  • Personalized scented candles: An elegant gift that fits both at home and in the office. You can choose a scent that matches your company image or a seasonal scent.

  • Room diffusers: To offer a delicate and continuous fragrance. It's a subtle way to mark the spirits.

  • Scented Sachets: Perfect for drawers or cupboards, they are a constant but discreet reminder of your brand.

  • Scented cosmetics and skincare: Whether hand creams, shower gels or lotions, these gifts are both practical and luxurious.

  • Scented bookmarks: An original idea to reach reading lovers!

The benefits of scented corporate gifts

  • Differentiation: In a world saturated with promotional products, offering a scented gift allows your business to stand out.

  • Durability: A scented object is often kept longer than a classic object.

  • Emotional connection: As mentioned previously, smell has a strong connection with our emotions and memories, thus strengthening the connection with your brand.

Scented corporate gifts are much more than just a promotional item. They represent a real opportunity to create a memorable experience for your customers, partners or employees. By choosing the fragrance and product wisely, you can convey the image and values ​​of your company while offering a valued and memorable gift.

Anne-Marie Spencer


Read the article in French : cadeaux-d-entreprise-parfumes

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