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Our team at your service

Experienced and committed to bring

your olfactory projects to life

and strengthen your brand image. 


Eco.French.Lab is an adventure that started with two women and business leaders willing to give meaning to olfactory diffusion by combining their expertise in perfume and customer experience.

Anne-Marie Spencer

"Having lived in the USA, UK,  Sweden   and with Spanish and Italian origins, I like to put my international experience and my creativity to serving the olfactory projects of our customers by sharing my expertise acquired within large luxury groups: L'Oréal and Estée Lauder among others.

My marketing and commercial approach is anchored in a dynamic olfactory vision to design product pipelines, identify opportunities, increase consumer engagement, create coherent brand experiences and reconcile sustainable development.

Jury to future perfumers, I like to be in contact with the talents of tomorrow."

Anne-Marie Spencer

Anne-Marie Spencer Experte en diffusion de parfums d'ambiance
Eco French Lab équipe d'experts du parfum d'ambiance
Définition du marketing olfactif
Pierrine Rayssiguier experte en marketing olfactif
Pierrine Rayssiguier

"I have always been keen to put the end customer at the center of my entire professional career and the passion for perfume has driven me since childhood. Being always focused on "customer insight",  customers or employees experience is a real additional business driver.

Passionate about new technologies, I had the chance to participate in product development at Sony Group collaborating with the team in Japan.


My experience in large groups and head offices allows me to know perfectly the business world in retail with the opening of shops in shop and the management of flagship stores "

Pierrine Rayssiguier

Because we are always stronger together

A great team of:

project managers, perfumers, creatives , artisans, artists,  wax makers, glassmakers,  ceramists, printers, paper lovers ....


All united by the passion for their job and the desire to create the most beautiful scented stories for you.

Définition du marketing olfactif

Daphne Chaouat

A true entrepreneur, Daphné is at the heart of the development of the Andalusian market in Spain thanks to her mastery of the customer experience. Her passion for scent marketing and her dedication to operational excellence allow her to shape winning strategies in Andalusia. 

Daphné équipe Eco French Lab

Close-up on our talented perfumers

karine boudot parfumeur

Karine Boudot

A perfumer trained at Chanel and Takasago groups, she now has her own creative house.

"I love the Rose flower infinitely; it fascinates me. I like to revisit this emblematic flower to exacerbate its unexpected scents".

emmanuel philip parfumeur

Emanuel Philip

Perfumer trained at Mane and Givaudan, born in Grasse, the cradle of perfumes, he now has his own perfume creation house.

Nathalie Feisthauer

Independent perfumer after having worked for Givaudan and Symrise.   She is:

Free and rigorous. Creative with cutting-edge yet iconic  fragrances and lover of beautiful raw materials, always with a  sincere search for meaning...

nathalie feisthauer parfumeur

Isabelle Ferrand

Perfumer and director of the Cinquième Sens perfume creation house. Isabelle nurtures a passion for perfume, an open mind, a traditional know-how and an artistic sensibility.

isabelle ferrand parfumeur
Alice Datte parfumeur

Alice Dated

Perfumer creator at Cinquième Sens since 2011.

Her favorite flower is the Rose in all its forms, from its very fresh, airy scent to its heady and sensual form.

sarah burri parfumeur

Sarah Burry

Perfumer creator at Cinquième Sens since 2012, her favorite raw material is labdanum, this Corsican shrub with multiple facets that gives a unique edge to her scented creations.

Veronika Rebeka Nagy

From Drom

and Givaudan, Veronika loves Egyptian Jasmine because of its honeyed animal sensuality and its hypnotic depth...

veronika rebeka nagy parfumeur

Camille Leguay

Perfumer trained at Mane and the Cinquième Sens creative house. In each of her creations, Camille seeks the olfactory spark that will provoke pleasure and emotion.

camille leguay parfumeur
CPL aromas parfumeurs

CPL Aromas

Team of creative perfumers committed to an approach that respects the environment always seeking for innovation and ethical resources.

Jean François Thizon parfumeur

Jean-François Thizon

Perfumer established in the cradle of perfume in Grasse. Elected finalist for the title of Perfumer of the Year at the Beautyworld Middle East Awards.

Olivier Maurel

Son of a perfumer, having started his career at Robertet, Olivier is a perpetual perfumer
in search for new ideas, particularly in the world of naturalness.

Olivier Maurel perfumes

Katell Plisson

Perfumer specializing in 100% natural perfumes but above all respectful of humans and the environment, through passion and conviction for over 18 years.

Katell Plisson perfumer
Sentir et ressentir les parfums


Olfactory marketing is a vector of emotions.

Imagined, designed, implemented by men and women experts in the world of perfumary.

What atmosphere do you envision?

What kind of customers do you want to reach?


What values are you trying to convey?

What places do you wish to fragrance?

Our teams of professionals work on your side  to create the most beautiful scented stories for you.

Why us


Creation of perfume

A pool of French perfumers who imagine, design and develop scented creations with the same care as  major perfume and cosmetics houses.


Perfume production

Our experience with the biggest brands allows us to master the entire supply chain and manufacturing requirements.


Perfume innovation

We offer our customers several technologies and distribution systems in order to adapt to all needs and meet CSR specifications.

Each perfume project is unique. 
Our team helps you determine your needs and guides you every step of the way.

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