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Professional fragrance diffusers

The 2 technologies for ambient fragrance diffusion

We offer electric fragrance diffusers suitable for every public space.

From reception areas to shopping malls, our diffusion devices create a pleasant olfactory ambiance in all public places, whether for customers, visitors, or employees.





2 technologies FOR diffusion

A wide choice of diffusers and advanced technologies

Each project leads us to seek the best way to diffuse your perfume. 

More than 500 sites in France equipped with our technologies.



Fragrance diffusion by nebulization offers several advantages:


High Efficiency:

Nebulization transforms liquid fragrance into a fine mist, allowing the scent to disperse evenly and effectively throughout a space. This method ensures a consistent and long-lasting fragrance experience.


Pure and Intense Aroma:

Since nebulization doesn’t use heat or water, the fragrance remains pure and potent. This method preserves the integrity of the essential oils, delivering a more natural and true-to-source scent.


Adjustable Intensity:

Many nebulizers come with settings that allow users to control the intensity of the fragrance. This feature is particularly useful in different settings, from small rooms to large public spaces, ensuring the scent is always at an appropriate level.


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Dry ambient diffusion

Dry ambient fragrance diffusion, often utilizing scented beads or other dry materials, offers several advantages:


Low Maintenance:

Dry diffusion systems, such as those using scented beads, require minimal maintenance. There’s no need to refill liquids or clean components regularly, making them convenient for busy environments.


Consistent Fragrance Release:

Dry diffusion provides a steady and consistent release of fragrance over time. The scent is gradually emitted, ensuring a long-lasting ambient fragrance without sudden changes in intensity.



Safe and Spill-Free:

Without liquids, there's no risk of spills or leaks. This feature makes dry diffusion particularly safe for environments where liquid spills could be problematic, such as around electronics or in high-traffic areas.

Diffusers range

Diffuse your fragrance in small spaces, such as an office or reception area

Focus on design retailhotel, real estate agenciesoffices.

Discover our solution for large spaces, health facilities.

Make the choice of dry diffusion of perfume for officesshops or  hotels.



We have chosen not to use a single diffusion technique and to adapt to our customers needs. Depending on the spaces to be fragranced, the volume, the desired intensity, we choose and offer you the technologies and devices that will best suit you.


The diffusion of perfume is controlled very simply remotely through an app or internet access.


Programming is simple and accessible to everyone.​

You program the intensity, the days, the time slots and the timing of your broadcast.

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Choose your device

Choose your fragrance

Test your device in your premises 1 month for free

And we will review the results with you

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Allergen free


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