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Collab Eco.French.Lab x LouiseM

A unique sensory fusion in the hotel industry: The alliance between wall decoration and room fragrance

The olfactory marketing house Eco.French.Lab and the artist LouiseM combine their talents to create a unique sensory experience for customers.

The emotional artist: LouiseM

Cécile is the artist behind LouiseM. Passionate about art, she combines painting and drawing to create exceptional wall decorations that transport hotel guests into a unique sensory world. She now lives between France and Singapore.

A story of women

With Anne-Marie and Pierrine, the co-founders of Eco.French.lab, specialists in olfactory marketing in hospitality, they had the idea of creating together a new experience for their customers, both visual and olfactory.

Each note, each visual is present in the 2 creations jointly. A new creative era is emerging in the world of decoration and perfumery thanks to this emotional collaboration.

“We want to go beyond the boundaries between the visual and the olfactory, thus creating spaces that tell a unique sensory story. Each work of wall art associated with its ambient fragrance will create a true symphony of the senses”, explain Cécile, Anne-Marie and Pierrine, the founders of LouiseM and Eco.French.Lab.

Today, they combine their talents and experiences to imagine and compose 100% tailor-made scented and decorative creations that “dress” lounge spaces, reception areas and also hotel rooms, favouring artisanal quality, emotion and the search for well-being.

Example of creative variation

From a sensory reflection where nature is queen, concepts were born in which paint and perfume were designed to live together.

Variation in wallpaper, wall frescoes and paintings combined with an olfactory composition available in room fragrance, electric diffusers, scented candles ...

Papier peint harmonie végétale
Panoramic wallpaper created with its custom perfume

  • Concept idea # Plant harmony

Creative inspiration: “This fresco was born from a dream. An escape into a tropical paradise where time stands still and the senses awaken. Each stroke is a caress of wind in the leaves, each nuance of color an echo of the gentle heat and golden light filtering through the palms. This work is my homage to nature in its intimate splendor, a hidden sanctuary.”

A word from the perfumer: “This perfume immerses us in the evocation of nature and Asia. Matcha tea and the powdery notes of almond, coconut and vanilla symbolize the journeys we carry in our memories. Everyone is free to express their desire for nature. Paradise island, unknown land, this perfume carries a bit of the mystery that we all have within us..” - Pauline Barthale for Eco.French.Lab.

This innovative collaboration, imbued with emotion and refinement, promises to redefine standards in the worlds of decoration and ambient fragrances in the hotel industry by creating a sensory experience of rare elegance.

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