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A unique sensory fusion: The alliance between wall art and perfumery.

The olfactory marketing house Eco.French.Lab and the artist studio LouiseM combine their talents to create a unique sensory experience around original nature.

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Specialised in olfactory marketing, scented diffusion in professional locations and the creation of fragranced collections , Eco.French.Lab carries out numerous projects in France and abroad.

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The Emotional Artist: LouiseM

Cécile is the artist behind LouiseM. Passionate about art, she blends painting and drawing to create exceptional wall decors that transport viewers into a unique sensory world. She currently resides between France and Singapore.


Creators of Exceptional Perfumes: Eco.French.Lab

Pierrine and Anne-Marie divide their time between Paris and Grasse. Together, they founded Eco.French.Lab, a company specializing in the creation of high-quality perfumes, with a focus on their commitment to the environment and the constant pursuit of quality and creativity in their fragrances.


"We aim to transcend the boundaries between visual and olfactory, thus creating spaces that tell a unique sensory story. Each mural artwork paired with its fragrance will create a true symphony of the senses,"


explain Cécile, Anne-Marie, and Pierrine, the founders of LouiseM and Eco.French.Lab.

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Section title

3 concepts were born in which paint and perfume shine together.


"Harmonie Végétale" (green harmony)

An escape into a tropical paradise, a hidden sanctuary.


"Jardin exotique"
(exotic garden)

An opulent forest where nature is queen, confident and majestic.


"Feuillage vintage"
(vintage leaf)

A visual caress, a fragrance like the whisper of nature.

Creative variations


Panoramic wallpaper, wall frescoes and paintings

combined with an olfactory composition available in home fragrances, scented candles, "eau de parfum".



The perfumer's note


“This fragrance immerses us in the evocation of nature and Asia. Matcha tea, the powdery notes of almond, coconut, and vanilla symbolize the journeys we carry in our memories. It's up to each individual to invoke their desire for nature. A paradisiacal island, an unknown land, this perfume carries a bit of the mystery that we all have within us.”

Visuels parfums collab LouiseM & EcoFrenchLab (500 x 1000 px).png



Creative inspiration


“This mural was born from a dream. An escape into a tropical paradise where time stands still and the senses awaken. Each stroke is a caress of wind in the leaves, each color nuance an echo of the gentle warmth and golden light filtering through the palm fronds. This work is my tribute to nature in its intimate splendor, a hidden sanctuary.”

harmonie végétale def.jpg

A quest for naturalness

Our perfumers and LouiseM imagined together a visual and olfactory fusion.

A tuberose flower, a fern, a eucalyptus leaf...

A warm feeling, an exotic atmosphere, an evocation of light...

Everything comes to life together in this sensory 4 hand part.


Creative inspiration

“This decor is a spontaneous dance. The colors interact, the shadows and lights intertwine like dance partners. The color palette and the juxtaposition of unexpected shapes evoke a delicate balance between order and chaos. It is harmony in imbalance, a reminder that beauty often lies in imperfection.”

JARDIN EXOTIQUE (digital amazonia).png


The perfumer's note


“I envisioned this opulent forest where nature is queen, confident and majestic. Thus, I blended the richness of tuberose with the woody notes of cedar to create an enveloping and energizing scent. Eucalyptus and citrus notes, meanwhile, depict this breathing garden. The solar base notes evoke the warmth of the sun that penetrates it.”

Visuels parfums collab LouiseM & EcoFrenchLab (500 x 1000 px) (3).png


Tailor-made concepts

This innovative collaboration, infused with emotion and refinement, promises to redefine standards in the realms of decoration and fragrances by creating a sensory experience of rare elegance.

Today, Eco.French.Lab and LouiseM combine their talents and experiences to imagine and compose fragrant and decorative creations that “dress” professional spaces such as offices, hotels, boutiques, head offices, or “private spaces” by favoring artisanal quality, emotion and the search for well-being.


The perfumer's note


“This fragrance is a walk in the heart of nature where a clearing appears at the end of the path. An optimistic and serene vision carried by a blend of fern and mint, where aromatic herbs bring freshness and life. The woody base notes, subtly enhanced by pine and violet, illuminate the perfume like the flight of birds spotted in the sky.”

Visuels parfums collab LouiseM & EcoFrenchLab (500 x 1000 px) (2).png



Creative inspiration


“This mural is a visual caress, a whisper of nature. Vines and branches overlap and cling together like an embrace. There are no hard lines, only soft transitions that invite the eye to wander from one to another in a ballet of pastel greens and ochres”.

A unique device for the professional world looking for new sensory products for its customers

The creations of this unique collaboration will be available in various forms to suit all tastes and needs:


Wall Decor in Wallpapers, Murals, or Paintings:

LouiseM's artworks will be reproduced on high-quality wallpapers, allowing interior design enthusiasts to transform their spaces into havens of emotion. They will also be available as large-format wall murals and unique paintings, showcasing the quality of the graphic universe.


Perfumes, Home Fragrances, and Candles:

The olfactory compositions created by Eco.French.Lab will be available in two variations: perfumes for personal and intimate experiences, as well as home fragrances to create an enchanting atmosphere in any space through room sprays, candles, or professional fragrance diffusers.

A universe to create? A project of your own? 
Transform your customers' experience into a unique sensory adventure with a 100% tailor-made visual and olfactory device.
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