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Creation of a custom perfume or existing scent 

Specialists in olfactory marketing, we develop perfumes based on your expectations, your tastes, your values but also on current trends in respect of the environment.

Marcel Proust and
his "madeleine" sensed it... 

A smell has the power to act on our well-being


brand's attractiveness in a fragrant place


perception of quality thanks to olfactory marketing


satisfaction, opportunity
and loyalty

By developing your own olfactory identity, you:

     Reinforce your brand's awareness
     Draw attention and impress
     Are being remembered
     Bring a unique and unifying message

bespoke perfume
Notre expertise - Marketing olfactif

An atmosphere must express the spirit of a project, a place, a product with a deep sense of meaning and well-being; a simple pleasant smell is not enough. 
We develop unique olfactory identities that provoke positive mindsets and become part of the collective memory.  



simple and adaptable


& Brief

Writing of the specifications by putting at the center the values of your company, your brand.


Integration of your preferences, specific objectives and constraints.


Creation & Development

Design of your olfactory identity by our master perfumers.


Olfactory pre-tests and incorporation and stability tests carried out.


Assessment & Review

In situation. Diffusion test, stability, analysis of results and validation for production and deliverables.


Tests and quality control before each delivery.


Communication & Follow-up

Ensure the success of the perfume and its device.

On request, presentation of the concept to internal employees to encourage support.

Our scented creations


Today the perfumery has more than 4000 ingredients.

Grouped into 7 olfactory families, they are the perfumers' tools with which he will imagine, create and compose a scent like an alchemist. 

Citrus, floral, fern, chypre, woody, oriental or amber and aromatic... the world of perfume has its own language.

As with humans, these olfactory families will determine the personality of your perfume.

Nos créations parfumées - Eco French Lab
Parfums naturels
Nos créations parfumées


A scent also has several personality traits

​These multiple variations are called olfactory facets: 

leathery, amber, spicy, fruity, gourmet, marine, aldehyde, musky, fresh, powdery or green

They are what give the perfume its uniqueness.

So many possible compositions that we imagine endlessly to create your olfactory identity!


Engagements Eco-Responsable

Our philosophy

Prioritize air quality and set up a sustainable, ethical and coherent olfactory atmosphere with the brand image of our customers.

Fragrance safety

All our fragrances are developed by us and produced in Grasse, European capital of perfume. Our creations meet IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards which certify the composition of a perfume and its compliance with industry standards.

Inocuiter des fragances
Préservation des ressources

Resource conservation

We are implementing intelligent sourcing of our raw materials  and the preservation of resources. We take into account the impact of each step of the production process and adopt recyclable packaging and natural ingredients from responsible sources. 

Circular economy

For each project, we seek to recycle perfumes, materials, containers in order to readapt and reuse them in a creative way, and thus contribute to a circular economy.

Economie circulaire


We support our customers who want to bring even more naturalness to their olfactory creations. We collaborate with the most innovative companies allowing the creation, without restriction of alcohol-free perfumes, 100% compliant with COSMOS specifications, and offering magnificent olfactory performance.

Clean fragrances

We can meet specifications around the biodegradability of our raw materials. We are part of the "Clean Fragrance" approach according to clients demands with sustainable, ethical, transparent, vegan, cruelty-free productions.

Clean Fragances
Nos créations parfumées

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Nos créations parfumées
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