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Nature réfléchissant sur le verre de cristal

Our engagements

We collaborate with the best craftsmen and

producers to design and manufacture your

environmentally friendly scented products

the environment according to the certifications and

ecological labels.

our expertise

" Nothing is lost, everything is transformed. »

Subtle, enveloping, captivating or soothing fragrances, we create and provide you with a universe of scented products developed with respect for our environment.



We work with the best French perfumers to guarantee you unique creations, IFRA quality and perfect traceability.

IFRA is an acronym that stands for the International Fragrance Association. It is an organization that represents the perfume industry internationally.
Founded in Geneva in 1973, IFRA is an international association with regional divisions (Europe/Asia & Pacific and America). IFRA has developed and implemented a Code of Practice which provides recommendations for good practice with the aim of ensuring that perfumes are safe for the consumer. Current standards may limit or prohibit the use of certain perfumes, and the IFRA certificate allows the manufacturer of the product/perfume to comply with them.

IFRA's mission can be summarized in 7 key points:

  1. Foundation and maintenance of a coherent system of standards for the safe use of perfumes, based on recognized scientific principles, with the ultimate objective of protecting the consumer and the environment;

  2. Maintaining high standards to protect and enhance the credibility of the industry through self-monitoring;

  3. Development and maintenance of transparent communication and cooperation with national and international bodies, relevant entities of the scientific and medical communities and other officials;

  4. Help with safety assessment for each ingredient used by the industry;

  5. Providing comprehensive information on industry-specific topics to members in line with IFRA's core mission;

  6. Communication on the merits of perfumery products and their daily benefits;

  7. Promoting regulatory principles that protect the intellectual property of its members.

Vert à l'intérieur

We do not perfume a store , a shopping center, a hotel in the same way.
Our models of professional diffusers for agencies are present in hospitals and EPHAD clinics alongside the medical profession because they meet strict specifications in terms of perfume diffusion.
Electronic perfume diffusers certified to CE electrical safety and CEM standards.

Recognized medical DNA, exclusive dry diffusion know-how essential to respecting people and the environment, tested and validated by more than 1,200 customers and 16,000 systems in 40 countries. All user practices and benefits per use obtained “in vivo” (good or mediocre) have been identified and constitute a gigantic proprietary knowledge base.
Please note that the benefits of our solutions have been demonstrated by analyzes or clinical studies. a bank, a museum, a temporary event, offices, a car dealership or a waiting room.

Our devices can cover surfaces ranging from 10 to 1000 m2 and up to 24,000 m3 and our diffusion technologies are market benchmarks.


Our perfumes are developed by the best production houses for whom quality is essential and preserved for decades, such as in Grasse.

A strict selection of raw materials allows us to offer our customers perfectly balanced fragrances with great longevity while leaving great room for our creativity!

When it comes to custom scented candles, they are designed with environmentally friendly materials: GMO-free and pesticide-free wax, natural cotton wick and, depending on the designs chosen, research into recyclable material.

We have excluded all ingredients known to be harmful to health and the planet, such as palm oil, and we ensure that our packaging is recyclable. The choice, quality and origin of our raw materials are essential in our manufacturing process.

Our natural and vegetable wax formula has several benefits

  • Our natural wax is natural and biodegradable.

  • 100% vegetable, based on pure soy and sunflower oil and free of palm wax.

  • Our natural wax burns longer than paraffin candles up to +40%.

  • It is made from protected cultivation fields.

  • It is guaranteed without petroleum products or paraffin

  • Not tested on animals.

  • Free from pesticides and herbicides and other toxic materials.

  • Free from GMOs

Our scented candles are subject to burning and safety tests. However, please ensure that you follow the instructions for use on the site and in each packaging.

Our leaflets and packaging use paper from sustainably managed forests and are produced in France in factories with the “imprim'vert” label. Here again, we seek to create beauty by doing it well!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us , we will do our best to respond to your emails within 24 working hours.

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