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The beautiful World of Sensory Marketing

Read the article in French : post/marketing-sensoriel

Today, we are venturing into the fabulous world of marketing, but not just any marketing - sensory marketing. We're talking about this ultra-innovative strategy that encompasses our sensory experience to forge memorable connections with brands. Do you already smell these scents? Let's go for a little olfactory and sensory escapade!

Le marketing sensoriel , une stratégie ultra innovante qui englobe notre expérience sensorielle pour forger des connexions mémorables avec les marques. Vous sentez déjà ces effluves ?
Eco.French.lab - Le marketing sensoriel

Focus on Sensory Marketing

Sensory marketing is this little nugget that uses our five senses to enhance the customer experience. The idea? Create an atmosphere that takes us well beyond the simple act of purchasing. We discuss the dazzling visual, the comforting auditory, the reassuring tactile, the exciting taste, and of course, our superstar of the day: the captivating olfactory! Each sense plays a vital role in our perception of a brand and you would be surprised how much!

The Super Power of Olfactory👃

Can you remember a smell you smelled a year ago? Statistics say you can do it with 65% accuracy! Impressive, right? Our sense of smell is intimately linked to our emotional memory, creating memories that endure and resonate over time. When a brand can associate this feeling of nostalgia or happiness with a smell, the connection created goes far beyond the product or service.

Dive into the Universe of Olfactory Signature

The olfactory signature is this unique and characteristic emanation which will make you, in just one sniff, say: "Ah! It's.......!". It plays a crucial role in creating an indelible connection between your brand and the consumer. It is this element that will perfume the space and offer an immersive, pleasant and memorable experience.

The Art of Creating Your Olfactory Signature

Embarking on this adventure is not an easy task. It involves a good dose of creativity, innovation, and expertise to create a scent that faithfully embodies the spirit of your brand. It’s a whole process of testing, adjusting, and optimizing in order to achieve this olfactory quintessence that will delight and retain your customers.

Olfactory, a Sensory Journey

The idea of ​​creating a customer experience that transcends the visual and tangible is both exciting and daring. By incorporating an olfactory signature, you not only elevate the customer experience, but you also anchor your brand deeply in their memories and emotions. And then, who wouldn't want to enter a space and be greeted by a smell that reassures, inspires, and leaves a mark?

Feel free to share your own sensory experiences or ask your questions in the comments. We love sharing and exchanging with you on this fragrant journey!

Anne-Marie Spencer


Read the article in French : post/marketing-sensoriel

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