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Perfumes and productivity: it works!

Well-being and productivity at work result from several factors: the attractiveness of the position, the reputation of the company, the relationship with colleagues, but also the work environment. To be fulfilled in the workplace, one factor must be particularly studied: odours.

This is all the more true when unpleasant odours pollute the atmosphere of your living space or your workspace. Disturbing at the olfactory level, foul odours are also disturbing for the productivity of your employees.

Smell, memorization, performance: a determining trio…

Can perfume improve work performance? Admittedly, any experience is accompanied by a characteristic olfactory sensation and working in the wake of Covid-19 also means rediscovering a new olfactory universe – but what about the relationship between our sense of smell and our productivity? Is our sense of smell a powerful enough tool to increase your productivity at work?

Our sense of smell has a huge impact on our brain, as evidenced by the popularity of aromatherapy and essential oils. Have you ever felt something that stirred strong emotions in you? Maybe a dish that smells like your mother's cooking or a perfume that a loved one wore? It is exactly on this point that perfumes and your mood can be closely linked. In fact, the olfactory bulbs of your mind receive neural information about the smells your nose detects. These bulbs are part of the limbic system and connect directly to areas of the brain that process emotions and learning. Other studies have found a direct correlation with smell and your cognitive functions, including memory and concentration.

Ultimately, this means that fragrances have the potential to increase your productivity and improve your concentration at work.

In addition to influencing mood and learning abilities, certain scents can improve physical health. That means fewer sick days and more productive employees! Essential oils, for example, have antiviral and antibacterial properties that could reduce your exposure to germs.

What smells boost productivity?

#1 Rosemary

Rosemary doesn't just smell good; it is also a useful tool for improving memory! Rosemary helps increase alertness, which means fewer careless errors that eat away at productive hours.

#2 Lemon

Who knew a productivity tool was right in your fridge? Lemons are one of the most popular productivity boosters. One study found that the smell of lemons led to a 54% decrease in typing errors, which, in general, translates to fewer embarrassing errors in your workday.

#3 Lavander

The smell of lavender improves productivity in the sense that it promotes a calm and peaceful work environment. Lavender calms your nerves and can relieve nervous tension. Instead of getting overwhelmed with stress and feeling overwhelmed with your to-do list, you can instead move forward with a clear head on your shoulders.

#4 Cinnamon

Besides smelling delicious, cinnamon scents increase efficiency by helping you overcome exhaustion. As the workday drags on, it's almost inevitable that productivity will drop and your mind will wander. To avoid this exhaustion, try lighting a cinnamon-scented candle. The chemical properties associated with cinnamon scents can combat mental fatigue and improve concentration.

#5 Pepper mint

The smell of peppermint has an incredible invigorating effect on the mind. It's a bit like a cup of coffee, but for your nose! Peppermint stimulates clear thinking while promoting energetic behaviour and improving your memory accuracy. It might be just what you need for a brainstorming session or when you're facing a particularly difficult task.

By using the power of scents, you can take control of your mental and emotional state at work and boost your productivity. Thanks to many technical advances, at ECO.FRENCH.LAB, we have developed a specific reflection on the olfactory atmospheres for the company with a sensory approach and adapted diffusion systems to guarantee a lasting result. To find out more, we invite you to discover our solutions by contacting our team.

Anne-Marie Spencer

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