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Perfume and hotels

diffuseur de parfum d'ambiance hôtels ecofrenchlab

"I would like a perfume that my customers will immediately recognise when they have crossed the hall, which will arouse emotion, memories, smiles... and which will make them want to come back".

It is with these words that a hotel manager recently asked us to create his olfactory identity.

The fragrance vector of memory for hotels

The first moments are often the ones we remember. The setting and atmosphere of a place mixed with pleasant scented notes leave memories of emotions and memories.

  • From the reception, and in the passage areas, the diffusion of an ambient perfume will be the sign that the customer is welcome and that he will be gently accompanied during his stay.

  • The bedroom and the bathroom are intimate spaces that the client must appropriate in hotels. A cocoon where the feeling of freshness and cleanliness will be privileged.

  • The spa, a place of well-being par excellence, will be the area in which customers will be enveloped by a fragrant atmosphere conducive to relaxation and escape.

Natural scent marketing

If 81% of global customers say they have already been seduced by the scent of a hotel, 70% also say they are more demanding in terms of ecology.

By offering a delicate and environmentally friendly scented atmosphere in living spaces, a hotel becomes more than just a place to stay. It becomes a place of experience, a different moment of life that customers will remember with pleasure. And on your side, you engage in a more natural olfactory marketing approach.

What are the concrete benefits of diffusing a quality perfume in the hotel industry?

1. Warmly welcome your visitors:

84% of customers say they feel good in a place that diffuses a beautiful scent

2. Improve overall quality impression:

The design of an establishment disseminating an olfactory identity is perceived as 30% more welcoming

3. Differentiate yourself and stay in the memories:

You are 7 times more likely to be remembered thanks to olfactory memory

4. Increase the perception of cleanliness:

A scented place seems cleaner to 31% of respondents

5. Generate additional income with the sale of scented products:

57% of customers would like to find the smell of a hotel at home

Sources : Journal of Marketing 2022

Eco.French.Lab, scent marketing for its hotel partners

With more than 20 years of experience in the biggest luxury perfume houses, we support hotel professionals and create fragrances of the highest quality at the service of our customers.

Our difference? Our eco-responsible approach combined with our unique expertise in the world of perfume.

Our services ? A turnkey subscription formula including diffusion devices and scented creations suitable for all hotel spaces.

The diffusion of perfume in the hotel industry

Diffusion de parfum électrique pour les hôtels

Discreet, programmable and efficient, air freshener diffusers are now accessible tools for the entire hotel industry to generate customer loyalty and satisfaction. Contrary to popular belief, electric fragrance diffusers are not reserved exclusively for luxury hotels. They adapt to all sizes and all styles: from the boutique hotel, to the design hotel, traditional and family or even the hotel chain.

With our subscription system for diffusers and consumables, hotels can diffuse a home fragrance with complete peace of mind and simplicity. All you have to do is choose the device, its programming, the venues and thus each hotel can improve the experience of its customers, meet their expectations in terms of commitment to nature and build loyalty by creating an olfactory atmosphere that will remain in memory.

Request a quote by contacting us:

- By email to or directly here

- By phone at: +33 (0) Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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