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Guerlain bee bottle

The creator of the Begüm Khan jewelry house transforms, for the time of an edition, the cult bottle of the Guerlain perfume house. To celebrate "The Dream of the Queen", the famous house invites the young designer to adorn the emblematic bottle with her bees.

“As the scent of sandalwood from the Orient mingled with that of bergamot from the Mediterranean, a fairy tale began to form in my mind. Attracted by the legends of the former Ottoman capital, an imperial bee flies to Istanbul to delight in pink Turkish delight and sweet sorbets. Adorned with sparkling jewels, her mind charged with romantic memories, she returns to Paris, finally disassembles herself on the petals of four exquisite orchids. » Begum Khan

A perfume imagined by the great perfumer Thierry Wasser, considered to be a kind of spiritual son for the Guerlain family.

“It is a contrasting perfume where the strength and sensuality of the woods confronts the vegetal vibration of the sap of the fig tree. »

Summoning fantasy and dreams, the designer Begüm Khan imagines a scene mixing fauna and flora sublimated in the form of a bronze jewel plated with 24 carats gold and paved with nearly six thousand five hundred fine colored stones. Crafted by craftsmen with golden fingers from the Istanbul workshops, this exceptional casing is a unique work of jewellery.

"I was both proud and humbled to bring to the Flacon aux Abeilles, emblem of the Maison Guerlain, the whimsical wonder and eccentric elegance specific to my universe, as part of our collaboration. » Begum Khan

This ultra-limited edition, which required more than 50 hours of work, will be published in 13 copies only and sold for 10,000 euros.

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