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Welcome to Lachaume

Because everyone is unique, we develop original fragrances and create candles and perfumes for our customers. Here is the story of one of them...

Master florist since 1845, Lachaume has changed little since the time when Marcel Proust came here every day to flower his buttonhole of a cattleya. It is undoubtedly the most luxurious florist in Paris where the traditions of know-how and good taste remain, preciously preserved and transmitted by a team of professionals who compete in imagination, skill and modesty.

Lachaume perfume

For the creation of the first Lachaume perfume, we imagined with our perfumers a breeze of violets, jasmine and tuberose... An enveloping, warm, generous olfactory signature, carried by a luxuriant explosion of fresh flowers available in candles and home fragrances.

Chic Bouquet candle

o light your candle is to dive into a Parisian garden and imagine, by the light of this flickering flame, that you enter the shop on rue du Faubourg St-Honoré. The fragrance opens with a sparkling and fresh head accord of bergamot and lemon evoking the work of recutting the stems and their perfumes with green notes. Its efflorescent and bewitching heart notes exude tuberose, jasmine and violet. Powdered, talced, the little flower invokes the refined elegance of the Belle Epoque and the exuberant floral traditions of the 19th century. The sublime tuberose, sensual, spicy, agrees with the luxuriance of jasmine. The marriage is enhanced by the violet, symbol of a secret love and a French floral art of living.

Bouquet ExtraOrdinaire fragrance diffuser The Lachaume perfume has this time come to nestle in a sublime white case with the roundness of a bouquet of fresh flowers enhanced with a luxurious golden signature. Its natural sticks diffuse the scents of violets, jasmine and tuberose throughout the room to create the most delicious scented atmosphere in your home.

On sale at Lachaume The "Bouquet Chic" candle The "Bouquet ExtraOrdinaire" fragrance diffuser #Lachaume

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