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The olfatheque in nursing homes: an innovative method to stimulate the sense of smell

and improve the quality of life of residents

Read the article in French : /olfatherapie-dans-les-ehpad

The olfatheque, at the crossroads between the library and the olfactory museum, is an organized collection of smells aimed at rediscovering the world through the olfactory sense. Its use in accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people (EHPAD) brings new life to improve the quality of life of residents by tapping their olfactory memory. Let's see how this approach, centered on perfumes and smells, can promote appetite, help with sleep and strengthen memory thanks to the richness of fragrances.

1. The importance of smell among seniors

Just like sight or hearing, smell is an essential sense for our perception of the world. In older people, its solicitation can revive distant memories and awaken emotions. The olfatheque, with its diversity of smells, offers a unique palette to stimulate this sometimes neglected sense.

2. The olfatheque to stimulate the appetite

It is not uncommon for appetite to decrease with age. However, imagine the diffusion of the smell of fresh bread, freshly baked apple pie or simmering stew: these familiar fragrances can awaken a desire to eat, to relive moments of conviviality around a meal. The olfa library can thus play a key role as a preamble to meals to stimulate residents' taste desires.

3. Pace the day with the olfatheque

The olfa library can be used to mark different times of the day:

  • In the morning: A fresh and invigorating smell of lemon or eucalyptus to stimulate awakening and give energy.

  • Meal time: Gourmet scents like apple pie or Sunday roast to whet the appetite and announce the time to eat.

  • In the afternoon: Scents of green tea or flowers to accompany a moment of relaxation or reading.

  • In the evening: A soothing fragrance such as lavender or jasmine to prepare you for sleep. This olfactory structuring of the day offers temporal landmarks to residents, while stimulating their senses and evoking pleasant memories.

4. Promote quality sleep

Peaceful sleep is essential. Through the olfa library, we can rediscover smells such as that of clean laundry, lavender or even summer rain, conducive to relaxation and calming. Introducing these scents before bedtime can help residents relax and fall asleep peacefully.

5. Memorization and awakening of memories through smells

The smell of Marseille soap can recall childhood baths, that of mint, a grandmother's garden, or even the smell of leather, a grandfather's favorite armchair. The olfatheque is a real treasure for reviving these memories, especially for residents with memory disorders. It provides a bridge to the past, helping to consolidate and revive memories.

Support by Eco.French.Lab in olfactory therapy

Eco.French.Lab, concerned with the well-being and improvement of the quality of life of vulnerable people, positions itself as a key player in the implementation of olfactory therapy within specialized establishments. Aware of the specificities and needs of these establishments, our company has developed a system of diffusers specially designed for optimal diffusion of odors. This equipment, combining cutting-edge technology and ease of use, makes it possible to create an atmosphere adapted to different times of the day and different activities. By collaborating closely with the teams on site, Eco.French.Lab guarantees an efficient and personalized implementation of the olfa library, with a view to offering an enriching sensory experience to residents. With Eco.French.Lab, olfactory therapy is no longer just an idea, but an accessible and beneficial reality for everyone.

Anne-Marie Spencer


Read the article in French : /olfatherapie-dans-les-ehpad

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