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Scent Marketing: It's the Trend!

Scent marketing, which aims to engage the senses to create experiences sensory through visual, sound, tactile, taste and olfactory marketing, is increasingly important in how brands connect with your clients.

Olfactory marketing or also called sensory marketing, is one of the the most sophisticated techniques. It is a stimulation technique capable of transmit values ​​by taking advantage of the sense of smell. It is one of the senses that has the more impact on memory.

A simple scent is able to transport a person to unexpected places.

Do you remember the smell of new car leather, the smell of your grandmother's cookies, the smell of summer, the sea, the smell freshly cut grass at the weekend or that of asphalt in town? This are just a few examples of aromas that recall moments that you have in mind. These are perfumes that transport and arouse emotions. This is the magic around which scent marketing is centered.

Scent marketing is the perfect asset for companies looking for a competitive advantage.

Scent marketing plays an increasingly relevant role in the retail of retail. The use of a personalized perfume, a tailor-made perfume, of a scent that embodies the brand increases the time that the consumer remains in the store, and thus promotes the probability of purchase. In the case of brands, marketing is increasingly fashionable because the identification of a perfume with a brand immediately positions it in front of potential competitors and creates user experiences: a flavour pleasant allows the customer to better assess the environment and the products. He will also spend more on the brand and intend to come back and spend more time at the point of sale.

What is a "scent logo" and how to choose it?

By developing your own olfactory identity or tailor-made perfume, you will make an impression with the creation of your "olfactory logo". The creation of a olfactory logo enhances the identity of your brand by distinguishing it from competition. The olfactory logo, in fact, is the element that comes first and creates a link deep emotional relationship with the customer, affirming the identity of the brand to be memorised and recognised by the consumer.

But not all fragrances reflect your brand.

For this, the olfactory strategy must be left in the hands of an expert who take into account both your brand values ​​and market trends. market. For ECO.FRENCH.LAB, an atmosphere must express the spirit of a project, a place, of a space through a deep sense of humanity and well-being; a mere pleasant smell is not enough.


We develop unique olfactory identities that provoke evidence positive and become a lasting part of the collective memory. Your olfactory logo is part of your brand values. At ECO.FRENCH.LAB, we support our customers in the development of their personalized perfume and new perfumed ranges since the strategic thinking through to production.

Anne-Marie Spencer

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