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Perfume in the name of Love

Fashion in the name of Fragrance / Fragrance in the name of "Peace & Love".

As Fashion Week draws the lights to Paris, the catwalks cast a veil of seriousness and solemnity. The optimism and the desire to believe in a more beautiful world where women would wear a perfume as they would wear a dress of fresh flowers remains in place and the magic operates even in these darkest times. Today, perfume, fashion and luxury evolve in a common universe. and give a real identity to fashion and luxury brands. When perfumery echoes fashion, it is not uncommon for fashion and perfume to resonate in unison. And while it may seem odd, the close association between fabric and fragrance is real and obvious.

Today, all fashion houses produce perfume, the gateway to the brand's universe. It is an easy way for buyers to access luxury and becomes the ultimate asset to enhance an outfit. The idea of ​​an emblematic garment as a source of inspiration underlines a well-defined identity, as revealed by the success of La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain, which Sylvaine Delacourte developed in collaboration with Delphine Jelk Guerlain. A perfume brand has thus associated itself with fashion, creating a somewhat revolutionary concept.

However, fashion and luxury are constantly renewed. Conversely, the challenge for the big brands is to perpetuate their fragrances, advocating heritage and tradition as a commitment to the era of consumable-disposable, and the profusion of new trends at breakneck speed. The scent holds up. It is a guarantee of authenticity and durability, to establish perfume as the true heritage of a fashion house.

Should you choose your perfume according to your style? Everyone chooses their perfumes according to different criteria: according to the seasons, their personality, their age or their clothing style. Whatever your criteria, the most essential thing is to choose a perfume in accordance with your olfactory identity, the one that, in you, will give you a strong emotion.

Paul Poiret said of his perfume Nuit de Chine:

“My perfumes will do to your soul what my dresses have done to your body”.

And to conclude that the perfume of the soul is the most fragile, the most tender part of the heart, which detaches itself to embrace another heart and follow it everywhere; the one we want to breathe on the world to re-conquer peace.

Anne-Marie Spencer

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