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Olfactory creation: an unexpected journey

A path of encounters.

A promise of travel, the perfume takes you as far as it has traveled the world. In the still of cultures and interpretations, our perfumers combine the facets with which their olfactory creations will be adorned. Diversity is not an empty word! Raw materials spring up for those who know how to seduce them on each continent… Submit yourself to this little test on your knowledge or your "a priori" on olfactory creation.

1. Is it the natural perfume that offers the perfumer the most creativity?


Advances in modern chemistry have enabled the development of new synthetic molecules that have revolutionized the world of perfumery through their olfactory facets, their impacts in a composition and through the synergy they offer when combined with other materials. raw.So-called synthetic perfumes nuance, round off, facet and sublimate the natural raw materials which, in turn, offer richness and texture to a composition.

2. Synthetic perfume always costs less than natural.


There is no real link between the nature of the raw material and the price. Indeed, some essential or absolute oils used in an olfactory creation can actually exceed 10,000 € / kg while others are very cheap like orange or cedar. It is the same for synthetic perfumes where the prices vary a lot according to the molecules. In summary, olfactory creation is not a fixed art but a momentum. It is important to draw its ingredients off the beaten track to preserve all creativity and celebrate the vivacity of the accords.

Call on our teams at Eco.French.Lab for your scented creations, we will be delighted to transport you to this world of sensations.

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