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New Perfume Book: From Plant to Essence

From Sicily to Laos, from Paraguay to Madagascar, set off on an unprecedented olfactory journey to meet perfume plants, producers who work in the manufacture of essences, extracts and molecules, but also the perfumers who use them. and iconic compositions in which you can find them.

Vanilla, jasmine, bergamot, musks… Through thirty chapters, this book explores the diversity and richness of perfumery ingredients: their origin, their culture, their transformation, their use, as well as the innovations that make it possible to respond to today's environmental, economic and societal challenges.

On the occasion of its thirtieth anniversary, the International Exhibition of Raw Materials for Perfumery (Simppar) is joining forces with Nez editions to honor all those who perpetuate, through their know-how, a sector that is too often overlooked!

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