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Lalique: from crystal to perfume

The name Lalique makes you dream, it evokes transparency, the brilliance of crystal, and the magic of creation. This name stands out as a resolutely timeless Maison of luxury and French art of living.

Expertise The exceptional know-how of the region's glassmakers is one of the primary motivations that led René Lalique to set up in the Northern Vosges. Even today, nearly two hundred men and women put their skills and knowledge at the service of creation.

Home fragrances By creating “Voyage de Parfumeur”, a series of home fragrances, Lalique brings together the world of perfumes and that of decoration and invites its admirers to follow it on an olfactory odyssey to discover exclusive scents and exciting stops. The range offers a wide range of scented candles, fragrance diffusers and crystal editions.

"Bay of dense reeds", ideal destination, Acapulco saw the birth of the sweetest of orchids a long time ago: vanilla. Discovered by the conquistadores, the famous black pod largely nourishes perfumery and cuisine with its delicate and gourmet aroma. Here, vanilla is associated with a heart of sandalwood and a base of amber and musk for a soft and enveloping effect that is mouthwatering.

“Voyage de Parfumeur” collection with Lalique’s “Swallows” emblem black glass

Scented candle 190g

Burning time: 40 to 50 hours

« Sculpting on the vapors and making the nuances sing. He is the Debussy of pallors and the Rodin of transparencies... »

Maurice Rostand about René Lalique

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