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Interview with Rory DOBNER

We would like to know you a little more. Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Rory Dobner, Ror or Papa for Huxley & Louie. I'm an artist and I started a company called Rory Dobner Limited which uses my art on interior design. I also own the Inkhouse in Ibiza which is a vacation rental home.

What is your background?

Art, drawing, art, drawing and more art since I was about 2 years old until attending Saint Martin's school to pass my art diploma, and I still continue today the day and most of my nights.

What are your sources of inspiration? The natural world, the history and the imagination of my children – for which I am partly responsible.

How has your way of practicing changed over time? I'm much faster at drawing now.

"I love lighting candles, I love the light they give and the atmosphere they create."

What is an artistic outlook on life? I am very relaxed, I enjoy life and its simple pleasures. The material parts of society that give me pleasure are a beer, my pot of ink, my pen and some paper.

What memorable responses have you had about your work? I am happy when my work makes my clients happy

Your collection brings together many candles, what is the idea? I love lighting candles, I love the light they give and the atmosphere they create when I'm working late at night in my studio or relaxing in a bubble bath before bed. The shadows are mesmerizing to watch and really relaxing.

How do you define the fragrance of the collection?

I really use my favourites, I closed my eyes and chose the scents that resonated with me the most – Wild Fig, Rose, Geranium all the scents I grew up with on Hayling Island.

What mood does a candle put you in?

Relaxed and comfortable!

For the last question, we would like to know what your dream project would be?

I would love to work on the design of a Hermès square - it would be a great honor!

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