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How to choose your perfume for your interior?

A few tips for choosing the right home fragrance.

Today, we use an interior fragrance, scented candles, capillary diffusers to create an atmosphere, an atmosphere, to add a personal touch to our decor. But it is sometimes difficult to make a choice in front of an ever wider offer. Eco French Lab gives you some advice to perfume your interior in your image.

Tip number 1: Provide well-being, talk about yourself

The home fragrance, like the scented candle, immerses you in an olfactory cloud and transports you to an intimate feeling of well-being. Choosing a fragrance comes down to identifying the chords that we like as we would in music or for a wine and thus determining the facets that will reflect our personality. Your choice will be intuitively oriented according to your mood, your current state of mind or even the season and it says a lot about you.

Naturally, we like to move towards woody and warm notes in winter and favor fresh and energizing accords when spring arrives. But beyond these seasonal choices, you will fall for a design, a color, a current or past scent. The main thing is to feel in harmony with a perfume as it distills its notes. After all, it is he who welcomes you in the evening when you come home or who appears when your friends visit you. It should therefore be selected with finesse and love.

Tip number 2: Explore olfactory families

The abundance of perfumes and the wealth of launches offer us a very wide choice and it is often difficult to find your way around. Use the fragrance families that allow a classification of fragrances and thus allow you to better know the notes according to your preferences or the spirit of the times. These olfactory families revolve around several easily identifiable themes to give your decoration an imprint that will leave no one indifferent.

But beyond these categorizations, by choosing your perfume, you deliver a message, remind your loved ones and yourselves of a memory:

  • Family cocooning around a roaring fire last winter in the mountains.

  • Sensuality of amber & oriental patchouli in a seductive relationship.

  • Virility and power in a leather workshop like in Russia.

  • Walk in Tuscany in summer around the Cypress.

  • Awakening of the senses around spicy and powerful notes.

  • Childhood memories like a madeleine with a "So Vanilla" atmosphere.

  • The romanticism of a romantic dinner and its bouquet of roses.

  • Waking up, feet in the freshly cut grass in a garden.

  • A fruity zest full of citrus to energize my day.

  • A breath of water like a walk in the rain in Cap Ferret.

Tip number 3: Choose the right way to diffuse your perfume

Scented candle or reed diffuser? Fans of the scented candle will immediately tell you that it gives you that unique soft light with a touch of romanticism that warms the atmosphere.

Nowadays, it is quite usual to light a candle at tea time around the fire or sitting at your desk in the spring. But beyond the fragrances, the candle is staged by its design, its colors, its roughness and its size. More than ever, the scented candle has established itself in the world of interior decoration. It is the chic detail of neat interiors. The diffuser is only more discreet.

It is placed at the bend of a corridor and we hardly notice it and yet its perfuming power is there. At Eco French Lab, we work on bolder, more artistic designs so that the diffuser is also displayed as a decorative element. Thanks to its capillary diffusion system, the scent is diffused through the sticks throughout the day like a permanent perfumed bouquet. Lovers of reed diffusers appreciate the ease of use and consistency thanks to the refills which allow for longer and more responsible use.

Now the choice is yours!

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