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ECO.FRENCH.LAB, your "Private Label" scented brand manufacturer for companies

ECO.FRENCH.LAB is a leading manufacturer of "Private Label" fragrance brands based in Paris and Provence, France. A strategy for creating made-to-measure scented products is a real advantage for increasing the positive experience of your customers and making an unforgettable impression.

All of our premium fragrance collections can be personalized with your logo while reinforcing the emotional bond they have created with your brand through your signature scent. Our bespoke perfumes, professional scent diffusers, personalised scented candles, room sprays… can have a significant positive impact on your business strategy and significantly increase your brand awareness.

ECO.FRENCH.LAB: Creator of scented collections

Specialized in olfactory marketing, distribution in professional places and the creation of collections of derived perfumed products, Eco.French.Lab carries out numerous projects in France and abroad.


We design your olfactory identity with our master perfumers. ECO.FRENCH.LAB uses sustainable fragrances and ingredients. All our perfumes are developed by us and produced in Grasse, European capital of perfume. Our creations meet IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards which certify the composition of a perfume and attest to compliance with industry standards.


ECO.FRENCH.LAB offers a multitude of personalised candle options from superior quality. Your perfume is adapted to the wax and we guarantee you a perfect diffusion of your perfume throughout the burn. Made with the highest quality, you can customize your scented candle according to different sizes and finishes available. All bespoke products are made to order with the "Made in France" label.


Glass bottle in stock or made to order with several possible finishes, available in different models and sizes, and incorporating luxury fragrances with more than 500 perfumes to choose from (from Grasse) or create your own bespoke perfume. We are looking for the most beautiful glasses of various shapes to hold your reed diffusers and your room sprays like boxes in your image.


Choose from our elegant glass bottles with sprayer and caps, available in 50ml or 100ml and using one of our premium fragrances with over 500 scents to choose from or create your own bespoke fragrance.

Have you ever thought of creating perfume for your brand, your offices, your company and developing your unique signature through perfumed products or gifts, to innovate and strengthen your image?

Anne-Marie Spencer

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