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Do you remember your grandmother's perfume?

Not long ago, I had borrowed my mom's perfume that she had forgotten at home a few months earlier. I went to say hello to my two teenagers aged 14 and 16, and both of them immediately exclaimed: "that's crazy, you smell like grandma"!

We often talk about the power of our olfactory memory, this ability that we all have to memorize nearly 10,000 smells. At the perception of an unknown fragrance, our brain will register it and above all it will remember the sensation, the emotion felt at that moment. Like my children for whom this #hermes perfume evokes their grandmother whom they adore. These are images of summer holidays, cakes, hugs that come back to them and a smile lands on their faces just by breathing it.

So many other perfumes will now celebrate grandmothers! Do you know the history of #guerlain bottles? The so-called bee bottle was made in 1853 by the glassmaker Pochet & du Courval for the Eau de Cologne Impériale intended for the Empress Eugenie. A true work of art, the Abeilles de Guerlain bottle is the work of a craftsman, from the bottle-making to the decoration. Here, it's a nod to Mina, Corsican grandmother of my children who loves these Colognes and in particular L'Eau de Guerlain, a mixture of aromatic herbs, tangy aroma of lemon, bergamot and verbena from Provence. These are memories of summer in the sun, memories of the Mediterranean, memories of leaving when you hug and breathe in the sweet perfume of your grandmother while kissing her.

So, on this Sunday, March 6, happy birthday to all the grannies and their perfumes that smell so good!

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