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Candles and home fragrances Amanda de Montal

With her line of candles, home fragrances and so chic fragrances, Amanda de Montal brings the French art of living to every home.

The story

It's 7 o'clock in the morning. Amanda is 4 years old, her father takes her by the hand and takes her with him to the Armagnac aging cellars located on the family property. She discovers the magic of centuries-old aromas and perfume. The Maison de Parfum Amanda de Montal was born in this enchanting country of Gascony, a land covered with vineyards, sunflowers and cypresses where tradition meets panache. Each perfume has a story, it is carried by a memory. Each candle is a subtle blend of waxes of natural origin, including sunflower from the Gascon fields. Hand-blown glass like an art object brings memories to life.


The little girl has become a woman who has retained her freshness, her joie de vivre, and an unfailing enthusiasm. This mother of three boys decided to embark on a personal adventure by giving birth to her range of candles and home fragrances. A way to share, to transmit her unconditional love for Gascony through an object that is both powerful and delicate, which reflects all her femininity. Amanda's personality is reflected in her range of candles, which is a gateway to her universe. From Gascony land, they have authenticity, generosity, panache and a touch of extravagance. The designer has mixed warmth, radiance, sensuality, as well as a memory that accompanies each candle. This evocation makes Amanda a friend who offers you a moment of pure happiness, an initiatory journey through the discovery of rare perfumes. The perfumes The Amanda de Montal brand was born in Gascony.

Of raw beauty, with unusual and generous colors, rich in infinite resources, Gascony is a land of striking encounters, which offers unforgettable smells. From the Roman imprint to the magic of the Compostela paths, Gascony bears witness to a mixture of different cultures. The cadets of Gascony and the most famous of them, d'Artagnan, embody the rich history and chivalrous spirit. It is also the birthplace of Cyrano de Bergerac, who symbolizes eloquence and generosity better than anyone. A land of adventures and treasures, which has the gift of transporting us back in time.

Eight home fragrances are a reminder of childhood. Everyone has a story, it is carried by a memory.

Armagnac, fig tree, verbena, vanilla, incense, ginger, orange blossom, citrus… Each of these flavors takes you on the most magical of journeys.

The Amanda de Montal collection is to be discovered without delay.

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