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new annecy galleries


About the olfactory identity in retail stores

The New Annecy Galleries

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Annecy in four seasons

The Citynove Galeries Lafayette group entrusted ECO.FRENCH.LAB with the design of the olfactory identity of Nouvelles Galeries Annecy, this new one-of-a-kind shopping center, combining local shops, major brands, art, leisure and culture.

The four seasons of the Nouvelles Galeries these are signature perfumes created by perfumers from major houses.

Open your senses, we reveal this great project to you!


#affinity #consistency

An olfactory identity must express the spirit of a project through a deep sense of humanity and well-being; especially in retail, a simple pleasant smell is not enough, it must accompany customers and visitors. 
We develop unique olfactory ambiances which provoke positive evidence and become a lasting part of the collective memory.  


#quality #commitment

The rigorous selection of raw materials, the regulatory and health aspect and our commitment to responsible products are essential factors in our process of creating an ambient fragrance for retail.


“For this project, we have selected perfumers from various worlds with strong and clean personalities so that everyone can bring their vision and their fingerprint. We exchanged a lot, evaluated, adjusted if necessary the compositions with the Citynove teams to arrive at what the olfactory design of the Nouvelles Galeries Annecy should be. In the end, 4 creators imagined 4 modern compositions, brought back to the essentials, which perfectly translate the expression of this unique retail location. »


Pierrine Rayssiguier, Eco.French.Lab

Eco.French.Lab parfums sur mesure


4 olfactory identities animate this new retail space to the rhythm of the seasons,

4 scents thought out and designed as an echo of the architecture of the place in order to enrich the experience of customers and visitors.


  • Come in the New Galleries Annecy in SPRING, and be welcomed by the scent of red fruits, flowers and wild pickings that evokes the foliage, buds and renewal of this emblematic season.


  • When SUMMER comes, it is nature that opens its arms to you with the obvious memory of freshly cut green grass at the foot of the mountains and in the heart of nature.


  • AUTUMN is the evocation of going back to school, that childhood moment when we hid under the desk smelling of wood, paper and leather. A hymn to walks in a forest of light.


Finally follows WINTER and Christmas. Inspired by the surrounding forests and snow-covered peaks, the Noël Rouge fragrance takes up winter quarters with subtle spicy and peppery notes that warms up visitors.

#scent diffuseurs

Research in the US has shown that scent marketing can increase sales in retail stores and shopping centers by 11% and increase customer satisfaction scores by 20%. Nothing surprising when we know that 75% of our emotions generated every day are due to smell!


After the perfume creation phase comes the diffusion ...

  • Selection of professional fragrance diffusers adapted to surfaces Installation of perfume

  • Diffusion systems throughout the shopping center in order to create an olfactory path that accompanies visitors

  • Creation of scented gifts for customers and partners (scented candle boxes, personalized biscuits, etc.)

  • Olfactory support during event operations


The creation of an olfactory identity is a long-term process in order to provide maximum services and support to our retail customers. Diffusing an ambient scent in a store, a shopping center meets strict specifications.

Contact one of our olfactory experts for a free consultation on the opportunities provided by creating your olfactory identity and choosing your professional perfume diffusers.

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