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A scent in a physiotherapist office

Philippe M. is a physiotherapist in Southern Corsica.

He wanted to set up an olfactory atmosphere in his office and gives us his testimony on the interest of using a room fragrance diffuser in the common areas, the gym and the waiting room of a practice medical.

Hello Philippe, what is the point of diffusing a scent in your practice?

At the office, we receive many patients throughout the day. We of course ventilate the spaces, we have implemented the health rules resulting from Covid but with my colleagues, we noticed that the smell of the place was not always pleasant. So we started to think about a solution to diffuse an ambient scent that would be adapted to our activity. We contacted the EcoFrenchLab team because we were looking for a solution that corresponds to a fragile population and is therefore completely safe. We really liked the approach and the advice. And since they have experience with health establishments, that convinced us.

How did you choose your scent and your scent diffuser?

We didn't have a clear idea of ​​the perfume; we are 7 partners so it was difficult to please everyone... So, it was an expert at EcoFrenchLab who guided us by selecting a scent that evokes freshness, and nature.. For the diffuser, we chose Réo scent diffusers. As they can be moved anywhere, it’s very practical. We put them in the reception area, and we use them after the sessions in the spaces that need a “freshen up”. They are also used in massage areas to relax patients.

What is the patient feedback?

Super good ! They are delighted and so are we. What's more, what's practical about the Réo diffuser is that you can also take it with you. In our patient base, we also have a lot of people at home, and they love it when we diffuse the perfume during a treatment and ask for it!

Réo cabinet medical perfume diffuser
Like Philippe, don't hesitate to improve your patients' experience by scenting your spaces.

At EcoFrenchLab, we support healthcare professionals by offering them the opportunity to create an olfactory atmosphere that pleases, reassures and generates a pleasant smell in their offices with our range of high-quality perfumes and our fully programmable fragrance diffusers.

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