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The Essential Perfumes of the Back-to-School: Discover the Olfactory Trends of the Season

Read the article in French here : les-parfums-incontournables-de-la-rentree

Fall arrives with its warm color palette and fresh air, and with it come the new fragrance trends for back to school. Each year, perfume houses unveil captivating olfactory creations that reflect the spirit of the season. For this fall, the fragrances highlight warm, woody and spicy notes, evoking the nostalgia of summer while celebrating the arrival of the new season.

Let's discover together the must-have perfumes for the new season.

1. Woody Elegance

Woody scents are a popular choice for fall, and this fall is no exception. Notes of cedar, sandalwood and vetiver create a solid and refined base for many seasonal fragrances. Top notes of citrus add a subtle freshness that balances the warmth of the woody notes.

2. Amber Sensuality

Amber scents are synonymous with comfort and sensuality. With their notes of vanilla, amber and musk, they evoke a warm and enveloping atmosphere. These scents are perfect for cool fall evenings, where their comforting sweetness creates an intimate aura.

3. Spicy Freshness

The combination of exotic spices and fresh notes gives rise to a category of perfumes that are both stimulating and invigorating. Spices such as cardamom, cinnamon and black pepper blend harmoniously with green or aquatic notes to create an energising sensation.

4. Uplifting Florals

Although autumn is more associated with richer notes, floral scents still have their place. At Eco.French.Lab, we reinvent classic florals by pairing them with warmer, earthier notes, creating floral compositions suited to the season.

5. Intense Leather

Leather scent often evokes a bold and sophisticated vibe. Back-to-school leather fragrances feature powerful accords of leather blended with spicy and woody notes, creating an aura of rebellious elegance.

6. Autumnal delicacy

Gourmet perfumes, with their sweet and appetizing notes, are not to be outdone for the start of the school year. However, for this season, the delicacies are inspired by autumnal flavours, such as baked apple, cinnamon and caramel, thus creating an olfactory harmony with seasonal dishes.

Whatever your olfactory preference, back to school offers a variety of captivating scents that allow you to immerse yourself in the bewitching atmosphere of the season.

While exploring the must-have fragrances for the new season, it is impossible not to mention the fascinating world of scent marketing and the possibility of coming to smell our designer perfumes or creating your own bespoke fragrance. Indeed, perfume, much more than a simple fragrance, has become a powerful tool for brands and companies that use it to influence consumer behaviour, creating olfactory environments that reinforce brand identity and improve the customer experience.

Do not hesitate to contact us to feel the olfactory trends of the new school year and create an olfactory atmosphere in your premises.

Anne-Marie Spencer


Read the article in French here : les-parfums-incontournables-de-la-rentree

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