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Olfactory marketing cares of its customers

An instant and powerful olfactory impact, olfactory marketing has become a "must have".

Luxury companies, ever more concerned about the well-being of their customers, are constantly looking for solutions to optimize customer satisfaction and olfactory marketing is their keystone. "As a component of olfactory marketing, the olfactory signature is at the heart of the strategy of many companies, because it promotes sympathy with customers. The smell diffused at the point of sale is also a means for customers to identify a brand Scent marketing has become a key element of the customer experience, as it feeds the memory of images and recalls emotions, creating an instant and powerful impact.

Do not hesitate to create your custom perfume

Olfactory atmosphere or power of smell, the olfactory experience has become the basis of the sensory journey for your customers and your tailor-made perfume will know how to differentiate you and mark your DNA. Indeed, olfactory marketing and the creation of a tailor-made perfume today plays a key role in the company's strategy. The olfactory signature of your bespoke perfume permeates memory thus stimulating emotion and reviving the sweetest memories. The impact of a custom-made perfume that results is instantaneous, without distinction between feeling and perception, guaranteeing the sympathetic capital of the brand, beyond reason. Customers identify brands by the scent they give off. More and more concerned about the well-being of their customers, olfactory marketing is a "must-have" in the strategy of your brand, hotel, agency, shop.

A “tailor-made” olfactory diffusion

Eco.French.Lab has created its experience in the luxury sector to meet the needs of demanding customers. Thanks to a dedicated team of professionals, we advise luxury houses on the creation of a tailor-made olfactory device to reinforce their brand image with professional perfume diffusers. Once developed, the diffusion device is installed in an optimal, controlled, certified and secure manner and offers a wide choice of professional electric fragrance diffusers. Luxury Houses choose Eco.French.Lab because of the vast collection of fragrances available to them. The added value of Eco.French.Lab lies in its ability to develop unique and tailor-made fragrances that create an olfactory logo that highlights the values, uniqueness, and resonance in perfect harmony with luxury Houses.

"We are constantly refining our area of ​​expertise in scent marketing to better meet the needs of our customers"

Eco.French.Lab, whose turnover continues to grow, continues to expand in France and abroad by offering its strategic, creative and support services to companies in the real estate, l clothing, hotels, decoration, tourism, and many more.

Anne-Marie Spencer

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