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Your eco-responsible Christmas 2023 gift ideas

Read the article in french here : cadeaux-eco-responsables

Get inspired with eco-responsible and fragrant gift ideas
Eco.French.Lab Christmas 2023

Discover the Eco.French.Lab scented collections

Christmas is a magical time when we are looking for the ideal gift for customers and employees. And you have to think about it now!

So why not opt ​​for scented gifts this year, which combine elegance, originality and durability?

Eco.French.Lab, a company committed to the creation of quality scented products that respect the environment, offers you a wide choice to meet all your budgets.

Let yourself be inspired by these eco-responsible gift ideas to please during the end-of-year celebrations and contact us to establish an estimate and anticipate Christmas with complete peace of mind...

1- RÉO the gift that combines design and functionality

Gift ideas: A stylish and intelligent perfume diffuseurr
Eco.French.Lab Réo Diffuseur

For those who wish to perfume small spaces, RÉO Eco.French.Lab diffusers are the ideal solution. These compact and elegant fragrance diffusers are designed to diffuse fragrances subtly, creating a pleasant and refined atmosphere. With a simple press, you control the broadcast. With its 3 diffusion power levels, Réo can operate for up to 30 days and switches itself off after 3 hours. Refillable, just put your perfume back in its smoked glass bottle.

2- A 10ml travel spray with natural and long-lasting fragrances

Eco-responsible gift ideas with this 10ml spray on the go
Eco.French.Lab: Spray on the go

Eco.French.Lab stands out for its ethical approach by offering Made in France perfumes made from natural ingredients that respect the environment. Their unique and refined fragrances evoke nature, travel and emotions. Offering a perfume from our collection means offering an authentic olfactory journey to your customers and/or employees. Available in black or white and customisation options available.

3- Scented candles

Eco-responsible gift ideas with scented and personalised candles
Eco.French.Lab : Scented candles

Scented candles are versatile gifts that create a warm and soothing ambiance. Eco.French.Lab offers a collection of scented candles with delicate and customizable scents. These candles are made in France from vegetable waxes, which makes them not only pleasant to smell, but also respectful of the environment. We offer a wide range of models of glasses of all sizes and various shapes. Engraved, screen-printed, tinted, each of our candles is unique.

The manufacture of our French bespoke candles is our speciality.

4- Scented care products

Eco-responsible gifts with personalised cosmetic products
Eco.French.Lab : Cosmetics scented products

Eco.French.Lab is not limited to perfumes, but also offers a range of scented care products. Body lotions, shower gels, soaps and perfumed creams are available in different fragrances, thus offering a complete experience of perfumed well-being. These care products are made in France from natural and skin-friendly ingredients. Also available: personalised hydro-alcoholic gels and sprays!


Customisation of your eco-responsible gifts ideas


To make your gifts even more unique, we offer a personalisation service for each range of products developed for our customers. You can add your logo to all of our collections of scented products and thus make 100% made-to-measure Christmas gifts. So, so as not to think about it at the last minute, think about it now and offer eco-responsible gifts this year that will delight the senses by choosing from the Eco.French.Lab scented collections. Natural fragrances, exquisite gift boxes, intoxicating candles and luxurious skincare products will make for memorable Christmas gifts. With Eco.French.Lab, you combine elegance, originality and durability for unforgettable end-of-year celebrations.




To obtain a quote or place an order, you can contact Eco.French.Lab by the following means:

  • Website: Visit the website to access our contact form. Fill it in with your details and your request, and our teams will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • E-mail address: Send an e-mail to specifying your request for a quote or an order. Don't forget to include all the necessary information to facilitate the processing of your request.

  • Phone numbers: You can also contact them by phone at +33 (0)6 59 94 41 60 or +33 (0) 6 22 52 87 17 to chat directly with an Eco.French.Lab representative and get information additional.

Do not hesitate to contact us to make your scented gift ideas a reality.

The Eco.French.Lab Team

Read the article in french here : cadeaux-eco-responsables

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