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your candle
custom made

  Your custom-made, artisanal and responsible scented candles.

our expertise

Eco.French.Lab is an architecture office for the creation, design and production of your scented candle.

Our team, located in Paris and near Grasse, is at your service to guide you in your decisions. We are attentive to your needs and ready to provide you with the necessary advice.

Cire liquide pour faire une bougie



We are quality conscious and demand excellence inmaking your scented candle. We work with rigor and professionalism to guarantee our customersscented productsof superior quality,.

Cosmétiques au romarin

Specialized in scent marketing, our French know-how is highlighted through each candle of excellence that we create. We work daily with renowned houses, as well as emerging brands, with the aim of meeting a common challenge: designing the best scented candles.


Vision & Concept

We develop with you the technical specifications according to your project, your brand, your needs. We put our expertise and our know-how at their service to create custom-made scented candles, meeting their specific needs: corporate gifts, brand creation, etc.


Perfume & Waxes

The quality of a bespoke candle lies in its fragrance and in the selection of waxes, whether cold or during combustion. 

Top quality natural vegetable and mineral waxes


Production & Quality

We carry out a thorough olfactory evaluation and we carry out an array of tests for each scented bespoke candle we develop. We control each stage of production with increased surveillance to guarantee the quality and homogeneity of the burning

Scented Candles




Our fragrances are perfectly adapted to the wax used in our candles, in order to guarantee optimal diffusion of olfactory notes throughout combustion.

Fabrication parfum


We are engaged in a naturalness approach for our productions and we are developing vegetable candles using natural waxes such as coconut and soy wax. We also use cotton wicks to ensure u clean combustion and optimal diffusion of fragrances, while preserving the environment.

Cire coco bougie
étui bougie


We offer a wide selection of models of glasses and ceramics of different sizes and shapes, to meet all tastes and needs.Each candle is unique and customizablewith engravings, serigraphs or bespoke tints for a tailor-made sensory experience.


We attach great importance to the quality of our packaging. and to promote responsible and ethical production.

étui bougie


We wish toguarantee the safety and compliance of our products and our fragrances.Thus, all of our fragrance lines meet the strict standards of the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) to ensure safe and responsible use.

Excellence & Creativity

CSR commitment

local production

Cost containment

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