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Analyze 1.7 million formulas, data such as sales figures for different fragrances by country and age group, and even consumer vocabulary. Big data that is worth gold in an era where products and information are targeted to the millimeter.

Before, it was enough to seduce customers by telling them that a perfume was rose. Today, they want to know the ingredients, their origin, but also their method of extraction.

La parfumerie a toujours revendiqué son coté artisanal mais aujourd’hui nous voyons une révolution digitale se mettre en place.

Firmenich has just inaugurated a digital laboratory dedicated to artificial intelligence at the Ecole polytechnique de Lausanne, in Switzerland. Givaudan has opened a Digital Factory in Paris in order to explore new avenues and thus leave more creative freedom to the perfumer by automating certain technical and somewhat daunting steps, such as the balance of a formula in which an ingredient would be prohibited following legislative change. Technology can bring out new inspirations. In perfumery, we revolve around the same olfactory families: citrus, fern, woody, chypre, floral, oriental and, the most recent, gourmand, which is almost 30 years old! These new advances will make it possible to discover new associations and perhaps a new olfactory family.

Moreover, legend has it that the success of the Chanel N5 is due to an error in the dosage of aldehydes.

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