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Meeting with Bruno Truchon Bartès – La Manufacture

We met Bruno Truchon Bartès, founder of the scented candle brand La Manufacture des Châteaux. He immerses us in the world of exceptional know-how that inhabits his house.

Your portrait: how are you described? Your experience ?

I worked for 17 years in creative houses (IFF, Givaudan, Robertet) in commercial, marketing and management positions. I learned about the world of perfumes and raw materials through my daily encounters with perfumers. They taught me day after day the language of perfumes. I particularly remember my experience at Charabot (Robertet group) where history and knowledge of natural perfumery raw materials are at the heart of this century-old house. There is a real culture of naturalness at the service of perfumery. I am told benevolent, honest, committed, upright... with a touch of madness...

How did you inherit the know-how of a cirier perfumer?

The Manufacture des Châteaux, which is the trademark for our collection of scented candles, is made with a master candlemaker, heir for four generations of family know-how in the great tradition of "handmade". I learned a lot from him. His work with the perfumer is essential to adapt the fragrance to the wax and vice versa, in order to guarantee the olfactory result and the power of the wake. The tests are carried out both cold and at the time of burning, so that the olfactory rendering is of the same quality.

What are your tips for recognizing a quality candle?

A harmonious olfactory rendering as for a skin perfume, the virgin wax must not have any residual odor as we can sometimes see with vegetable waxes, so as not to "disturb" the olfactory note. A flame neither too small nor too big The wax must be consumed evenly on the surface of the pot without creating a "pool" and this to the bottom of the pot. The candle should continue to scent even when extinguished. This is the reason why we advise for our candles to extinguish the cotton wick after the surface of the wax has become liquid, i.e. approximately after 30 minutes.

The candle is for you a luminous story that is both subtle and poetic embodied by its fragrance, how do you get inspired?

I am inspired in my creations by a very particular universe which is the universe of heritage and especially that of Châteaux. Passionate about heritage, I worked for the Association de la Demeure Historique, which allowed me to visit wonderful places from which I drew olfactory atmospheres, sources of my creations: Château de Chambord for Feu Souverain, the Paradores Juan in Spain for Paradores or the Château de Canisy for Fougère Royale…

Tell us about your collections: what olfactory atmospheres have you imagined for your candles and what makes them unique?

I do not wish to recreate olfactory notes from the past but rather a contemporary atmosphere linked to these personal moments spent in these Châteaux without worrying about current trends. It is a personal olfactory commitment that I therefore wish to share with those who use my candles. This is what makes them unique, in addition, of course, to the Limoges porcelain container created for me by a porcelain manufacturer with the “Living Heritage Company” label based in Limoges.

If you had to give 3 words to describe La Manufacture des Châteaux candles?

Handmade spirit, commitment, sincerity

Your projects ? The next trends?

We are working on new fragrances, new containers but I can't tell you more. The next trends? I don't follow trends, because following is copying, and that's not in the brand's DNA.

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